Why Customize
a Shirt?

Custom button-down shirts aren't for everyone. Some people are okay with grabbing a shirt off the rack at the store, so long as it fits well enough. And that's fine!

But there are also those of us who demand better. Who take pride, not just our appearance, but in the originality of our look, whether we dress conservatively or dare to be contemporary.


You're the only one who
knows what
you love.

Some brands might be able to get close to your style. But where else can you be in control of every detail of your shirt? From the fit to the color to the design and beyond, what you want is exactly what you'll get at MadeForU.


Be your
personal designer.

Think of the enormous advantage of having a shirt that fits perfectly, where you feel your very best no matter what the environment. We believe that confidence, peace of mind, and total comfort can all come down to personalization and an emphasis on quality.


Every man is different.

It's a cliché, but it's true. No two people are alike, so why would they be wearing the same shirt? Why are your cuffs the same or your hemline identical? The same color and pattern? Wearing the same thing as someone else isn't just awkward, it simply shouldn't happen.

With a MadeForU shirt, you're unmistakably you, because your outfit is unmistakably yours.


is the Future

We live in a time where you can make your own gym bags, craft beer, candles – practically anything that's manufactured can now be hand-tailored specifically for your tastes. So how is it that one of the things you rely on every day isn't made precisely to your style? This is too important to put off any longer.


Make your
vision a reality.

You could start designing your shirt from anywhere – your desk at work, your bed at night, while you're catching up on the news during breakfast. Feel free to start imagining what your perfect shirt would look like. Then come to MadeForU, and make it happen.