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"When no one seems to be getting it right, that's the perfect moment to create. And chances are, if you want it to exist, others do too." – [Name], Founder of MadeForU

MadeForU was founded in 2017, but we bring over 30 years of fabric knowledge and expertise, experience that helped us create a deeper understanding of the industry while building the connections that would one day lead to MadeForU.

We took everything we loved about custom shirt outlets around the world, got rid of the parts we found substandard, and added the features we wished were standard.

The result is the top custom shirt store you'll find online. We know it because we're customers ourselves. We did the research, we sourced the fabrics and the tailors and the computer engineers to make our dream company a reality, and we made it happen.

We made MadeForU so that everyone had a shirt that was made for them.

For those of us who appreciate personalization and originality, but don't have the resources to hire a personal tailor.

For those of us who don't appreciate the accessibility of foreign markets and online ordering being coupled with poor quality or customer service.

For those of us who are looking for the perfect custom shirt that feels, looks, and IS designed, stiched, exactly for them.

MadeForU was made for you.